What a Trip – What a Feeling!

Last Saturday (05.07.2008) I and my fiancée went on a two day trip to Earls Regency Kandy with her office mates. The entire trip was so cool and it made me feel one of the best trips I ever went on after leaving under grad ages at uni.

Even though I’m no part of IFS (where my fiancée works), people made me feel really comfortable. From start to its end every thing was well organized. It looked like there were around 200 guys and girls. Except for a few delays (which is normal when such a crowd is around) everything went on smoothly.

I had my internship at IFS and there is one thing I admire most about IFS. It’s the culture they maintain. It is not too much - not too less. It’s the culture of the common man. They make sure the majority feels ok. I feel IFS reaps good harvest when you look at events like these in the long term aspect. It makes people enjoy, release stress, making strong bonds among team mates, exploring places and things that are new, understanding each other better and life time memories for all. My conclusion is, an office should do these in the name of what ever because employees get the job satisfaction which would ultimately result in making a good company in all aspects. Salary is not everything. So, all at company’s cost will gain each and every employee and the company itself a better future. That’s why I adore IFS and its attitude towards the guys and girls who work for them. Sometimes a hundred workshops won’t help the employees in the way this 2 day practical example work.

Singing nonstop all the way from Colombo to Kandy and back from Kandy to Colombo was really cool. I feel like my throat has left me. I’m mute today.No voice at all!

The ‘Mystery Hour’, ‘Padura’, DJ, hitting the ‘Kanaa Mutti’, egg catching, mummy making and water polo events kept the guys and the girls enjoy every minute of the trip.

Earls Regency was ok for most of the parts. Lodging was cool but I prefer the down south meals over what we enjoyed at Earls’. The hotel doesn’t have a huge garden may be due to the fact that it is situated close to the town. But it has enough facilities to keep you entertaining all the time.

After a long time I felt really nice about something I involved in (the trip). I’m feeling boomed up. Just thought of posting this on the blog to keep on reflecting on wonderful memories the trip. I don’t normally post stuff like these on the blog. But I feel this deserves it.