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Where Exists the Problem - Race, Caste, Religion or Money?

In most of the parts of the modern world there is something wrong. In some place religious extremists are making trouble, some places racial matters, some places people are tread on due to cast differences. Being a developed country doesn’t give a proper answer to these problems. Black Americans have problems; Russia has a problem in Chechnya, UK has a problem in Ireland. So being developed is not an answer but it under controls the matters up to a greater extend.

When we talk of an animal we know there are specific behavioral activities of that particular animal group. Let’s say a buffalo. They normally eat something all the time. Let’s say an elephant. They normally don’t stay in the same pose for long. They sway or walk around or do something all the time. Likewise when it comes to human I think we all have some common behavior. A behavior of criticizing and getting divided. Dividing in the sense; objecting or accepting a particular idea.

Most of the time people find something to argue uponn. As an animal, human beings like the feeling of being recognized by others. It is not a must. But people like that feeling more or less depending on the personality. Some keep the grip on family while some other gets in to action in community level. Some do local politics. Some dance in the global arena. The stage is provided by different subjects. It may be politics, sports, arts or something else. Even though the basic needs are food, shelter and clothing humans are not satisfied. In the modern era we need money to get what we need. But just money and fulfilling our basic needs is not enough. We search recognition among others. So, we search for it. An easy way of gaining recognition among a community is find something common and make them feel you are a commoner so they recognize you as somebody. In the initial ancient stages these common facts would have been things like the area you stay, the skin color and so on. With time these things have evolved. Even now Sri Lankans say I’m from south, I’m from up country and so on. Skin color is a huge fact even in the modern world. Africans are black, Indians are brown, Chinese are yellow, Europeans are white, and Russians are red!

As a matter of fact our civilization has found reasons on our own definitions like Race, Caste, and Religion to use as facts of fundamental division. In the way I feel all the other divisions are secondary formations which have taken these as basics. It may be political division, community division, global division like Europe, America, Asia etc. What’s nice about all these is there is no atomic level. If you look in to one of the divisions it has so many inner divisions. Let’s say Asia. It is divided further as South Asia, East Asia and so on. If we take South Asia there are countries. Those countries are further divided internally to states or a similar administration unit. These types of divisions have their own benefits. This type of division is really significant to keep our civilization continuously evolving otherwise this world would be a one big mess. But the problem here is not every division is for the better use of human kind.

I hope most of us have experienced enough of Race, Caste, and Religion. So there’s nothing new to talk on them. Even though we have a huge population in this world our civilization goes forward because of a bunch of people who have a mind set which is broader, developed and strong. If all of us were disciples of so called Race, Caste, Religion most of us would have been still lighting fire with two stones in front of a cave somewhere in a thick jungle. But still Race, Caste, and Religion makes the world live in panic. The reason is the general public can be easily convinced to follow somebody. Depending on the vision of the person who is controlling the public the results get differed. The good purposes or future developments done by real thinkers are pretty harder to be carved in to the narrow minds of general public. What the public absorb is what is easier for them to realize and understand.

As I understand there are different levels of leaders. Depending on leadership capabilities and qualities the portion they can administer is decided. The intensions of a leader may differ. They may be good for the whole human kind or they may be good for a selected community or they may be bad for the whole world. But still they are leaders due to the fact that they can convince a huge number to follow them. That’s why Hitler is a leader. Even though he was a real harm he is still a leader as he could hold on to what he believed.

But in the modern times I see a pretty impressive solution to these burdens. That is money. Why I say that is the following reason. Sri Lanka has a problem which runs for more than 20 years now. Most of the people who are suffering are Tamils in the terrorist areas. There is a very large Tamil community in Colombo. Towns like Wellawatte, Dematagoda, Kotahena, Dehiwala are dominated by them. In the school where I studied we had two Tamil medium classes in each section. We have film halls screening Tamil films. Most of the shops in those cities display boards in Tamil. As I have observed they don’t have a big problem in Colombo. If they are bothered by government forces it is due to the barbaric acts of Mr. Pirapaharan. Unless he hides among innocent Tamils and kills people in Colombo the government forces would not need to check innocent Tamils. So if Mr. Pirapaharan stops his barbaric acts Tamils in this country would have a real nice life. Tamils who have money have Come to Colombo and settled. Tamils who had more money have gone abroad and settled. I heard majority of Colombo 7 residents (Colombo 7 is one of the high class residential area in Colombo) are Tamils. I have noticed the majority studying in International Schools or in the Modern Schools as they are called are Tamils and Muslims. So they are dominating in most of the cases passing over the majority Sinhalese. So, left alone poor innocent Tamil and Sinhalese people are taken as bait by the so called leaders of both Tamils and Sinhalese. This is a real world example of power of money. This shows money can solve a great deal of problems.

Since of late I have seen so many inter racial, inter religious and inter caste marriages. Most of the couples were sons and daughters of business tycoons, or political big foots, or celebrities in one field or another. No body questions. Why? I feel it’s money and most of the time that incident makes both of the families stand strong in their common interests. I think that’s what all of us should be concerned about. It should be nothing else other than well being of us and others. We should not put gods and everything else in between us and kill each other.

Why we make trouble is our so called leaders have made us blind and they keep us following them just to make sure their well being. I’m not blaming everybody but the majority. We, the general public don’t see their real intensions. The hardship of understanding the reality we make our lives a mess.

In the modern times money has a great answer. Some people know it. So they keep others in the dark to grab more money leaving very little to majority. That is how the environment is maintained. People who are strong survive. So others are made week by the stronger.

Money is a great universal solution in the modern world. But you can’t make money just by doing what ever. You can’t kill dogs and earn. The reason is it is just the conscience that is left when you leave this world. You can not take anything else when you exhale your last breath. You can get recognition when you are alive. But only the people with a conscience are recognized even after hundreds of years of their departure from this world.

So any matter at any place in this world can get a good solution if the engaged parties are not poor. So does the matters exist in Sri Lanka! I feel that is becoming a universal truth. It's time to open our eyes and see the truth.

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