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BSc, MSc, MBA and PhD in Popular Culture

In different times different matters come into play differently. In the pre historic era mobs of people hanged together and worked together for common reasons. Let those reasons be hunting or survival or whatever. Gradually when the human kind started getting organized they started to share what they expertise. Initially it would have been hunting techniques or something like putting up a fire. As the civilization builds up people started developing different skills in various capacities. Evolving for thousands of years we have reached modern era where education is considered a basic need.

Some 100 years back literacy was a privilege experienced by a limited group in the community. People who could read and write were considered educated. Then the world started getting smaller by easy access to any location of the world. So, more and more people started to get introduce to various different cultures, inventions, developments, religions, theories etc. More importantly people started to learn how to do something in different ways. There is another significant by product of this evolution. That is we all started comparing each of us. In that aspect the world we are living today has formed up some basic ground that provides the means of measuring the educational level of a modern human being. Literacy is no more the only measurement. Prominence is given to intelligence and creativity. Even the experience is losing its position. A few decades back experience was a major factor but now people think if you are intelligent enough and if you are creative you can always use your imagination to fill up the gap of inexperience.

For me the primary goal of education is to enhance ones skills to contribute our centuries old civilization in a way that the short term results would keep that person glad while he is alive. The capacity of the contribution depends on the nature of the person. Some contribute more than others. Some contribution are towards the downfall of fare well of majority. Due to different imaginations of different people some stop learning vastly at some point of their life and continue contribution which is commonly called as earning a living. But some people specialize in selected subject area and try to contribute in vast capacity compared to others.

But as always education itself comes with a whole bunch of other external influences and bonds. The complexity of the modern world is not necessarily needed to have a good life on earth. But due to many reasons and facts that are not easily pulled back instantly, we have come to what we call today. So in our world in which we live there is this levels of education. I believe, initially these levels would have revealed the true status of a person. For instance if we say a scientist, he or she could have been easily identified among the general public for his or her exceptional existence. So some time back educated people were well recognized for their work. They had been accepted with gratitude in all occasions and they have had been less in number. These types of contrasting and highlighted qualities have been pumped a certain type of image to the general public. As a matter of fact I have noticed in Sri Lanka there is a generation who are not educated that highly but wants their children to grab that aforesaid glory. To be exact I’m talking about my parents’ generation.

According to the way we live majority of the goods and services are sold at a price. Everything gets a price. To live on earth people who know something sell it and exchange that value to acquire something else he or she needs. When too many people know a single thing due to common availability things start to get sold cheaply. Then complex marketing concepts come into play. To manipulate sources and resources stake holders adopt several different practices. If something is not given easily by some person the seeker may try a different donor. Considering the variation of sources, resources and users this seeking is acceptable if and only if the seeker genuinely feel he or she should continue this.

I’m a graduate. My degree says I’m a Bachelor of Computer Science. So as a matter of fact, I have been in this so called education field and experienced quite a bit of this situation. Some frequently monitored facts lead me to write this article. Because of the social structure we practice irrespective of the talent of a person there are some occasions where certificates get into play. Like I previously said sometime back literacy was the measurement of one’s capacity to contribute towards something that is considered a special skill. But now literacy is just a basic. Likewise I see the BSc is getting into the similar stage of literacy because it is becoming low in quality. If we discuss why it is getting low in quality, this article will never reach its end! The prime fact I see is there is a large number of people who grab an educational qualification just for the sake of its name. They don’t have a real requirement to get that. By means of some external power, say money, they get it for exchange. What happens is when these types of people comes into contribution others discover the incapabilities which often result in damaging the image of the others who are really competent and skilled who come from the same place. There are some bullies who survive from just doing the talking. If we take 100 in Sri Lanka, around 70% is doing something just for the trend.

Around a decade back in Sri Lanka graduates continued higher studies often if they were really up to it. But since of late in Sri Lanka I have noticed fresh graduates are getting enrolled for MScs and MBAs as soon as they get graduated. Some 5-10 years back local universities asked for some work experience and pre requisites prior to enrolling. But due to high competition and survival the quality of pre requisites have dramatically decreased thereby producing educated fools. There are good post graduates among these people. Anyhow the majority just do it as a mean of surviving by providing educational qualification. I also have the intention of doing higher studies. I have a few aspects. I have learnt something for my degree. Irrespective of subjects getting obsolete the best thing I learnt at university was how to learn something by one self. After 3 years leaving the university I find myself pretty changed. The way I look at things, the approach I have towards matters, my new requirements, they all have changed. I have practical experience in what I have learnt with very little practicing aspect. When I go through some MSc syllabus summaries I feel like some parts I already know, but I know I should study them again merging them with what’s unknown to me just to organize my knowledge so that I will be more capable, more competent, more skilled and more efficient. I won’t say that I’m not totally passionate about the qualification. I will definitely use such a thing to broaden my carrier opportunities. What I say is it is not the only intension because I’m not satisfied living a one big lie. I have found hundreds who do MScs just because they need something or just to boast on it as they think it is the same old privilege. On the other hand I have heard thousands of stories on how incompetent some educated people are. So there are two sides of the story. This story is true even for PhDs. Still there are number of people who are really capable and competent just like in old days posing BScs, MScs, MBAs and PhDs. Like in all other fields there are show offs who have earned BScs, MScs, MBAs and PhDs just by some means. These non genuine educated fools see the qualifications as an icon in popular culture. They don’t make their respective fields shine; instead they try to shine themselves with using the qualifications which eventually results in disgusting situations.

An old Sinhala slogan says “Weda kaarayata boru be – Boru kaarayata weda be” (A ‘clever’ never a cheater – A cheater never a ‘clever’)

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